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Writing a Research Paper Without Losing Sleep

A research paper is a form of theoretical writing that comprises a thorough analysis of a subject. It is not a mere rewrite of an existing source. The information should make up a section of the paper. Ensure you strike a balance between the facts you find during research and your opinion on the subject.

Research Paper Structure

Coming up with a good paper structure is crucial to the writing process. It is a way of ensuring all the aspects of the write-up get compiled in proper order.

You should know what you wish to write about before you start writing. There are various main components in a research paper.

  • Title: states the general theme of the paper
  • Abstract: gives the basis of the work in less than 250 words
  • Introduction: provides a background for the thesis
  • Literature Review: the overall information on your topic
  • Methodology: an indication that the writer has carried out the study
  • Results: and analysis of the data you collect
  • Discussion: states your understanding of the research
  • Conclusion: a summary of your work
  • References and Work Citations: a list of the sources you used

Eight Steps in Writing a Research Paper

There isn’t a custom way of writing that you need to follow when writing your paper. All the steps are compulsory but, you may choose what order to follow. The crucial thing to note is not to focus too much on the grammar or style of writing. Instead, pay attention to the step you choose.

  1. The Abstract. Ensure you pay attention to the main subject in your paper. Start by writing a rough sketch of your abstract.
  2. Literature Review. Try and point out the findings that are vital to your research. Avail the background and supporting material for your facts.
  3. Methodology. Here you need to provide the readers with info on the process of getting your statistics and the experiments you conducted. Make it clear why you chose the approach and give a comprehensive rationale for researchers to adopt.
  4. Results. You need to take down the crucial outcomes and expound on how you arrived at the results. Organize your results well for the reader to comprehend them.
  5. The Discussion Passage. Your discussions should include a comparison of your work to that of others. Try and connect your study questions to the vital sources of your paper. The section should help the reader see the implications of your study.
  6. Introduction. There is a high chance of understanding the importance of your study after analyzing the findings. The main goal of your intro is to shed light on the implication of your paper.
  7. Conclusion. It is simply a summary of the arguments you have defined in the previous passages. They need to strengthen the results and significance of your paper.
  8. Finishing Touches. The final step involves proofreading and editing your work. Where necessary, add footnotes and citations.

How to make the Paper Look Serious

Most teachers will give their students a specific format and style to follow when writing their papers. It also depends on the method of submission. Some teachers need the work submitted as hard copies, while others insist on faxed or printed assignments. Below is the list of things to have in mind when considering your outline format:

  • Ensure your paper has a heading or title page
  • Use footnotes, parenthesis, and endnotes when citing
  • The tone of your work should be formal
  • When writing a paper for publishing purposes, consider the journal prerequisites
  • As you conclude your work, including a list of citations and bibliography
  • Ensure you save your document in the correct format as instructed. For example, PDF, DOC, etc.
  • Follow all the instructions as directed by your tutor
  • When you are describing an experiment, make use of past tenses and passive voice
  • How long your paper depends on the word count required.

Writers who implement the correct paper format show that they respect the academic society. It easy for them to get acknowledged as serious writers.


There is no perfect way of writing a research thesis. The secret is to read several well-written papers. Choose a few topics that interest you and find write-ups about the same. These will serve as a template for your work.

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