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Selecting a Research Topic and a List to Help

As one of the more difficult assignments you will get in high school and college, the research paper is something that you need to be ready for. One way to ensure the paper goes smoothly is by picking a good topic.

Selecting something you like

Schoolwork is always easier if you appreciate what you are working on. Thus, your research topic should be something you want to know more about. So if your teacher allows you to choose your topic, pick something you like. If you don’t, you will regret it later on when you are forced to read books and articles that bore you.

Have a backup

Because your final choice will depend on the resources available and your teacher’s approval, it is smart to have a backup plan. So as you think of your first topic, consider 1 or 2 more possible research topics you can investigate if plan A is rejected.

Topics to choose from

In case you have been thinking about what to do but still have no answers, you can consider some of the following.

Family life

  1. Difficulties of single parents
  2. Integrating an adopted child into the family
  3. The advantages and disadvantages of living with extended family members
  4. Are mother-in-laws really the “monsters” that TV shows make them out to be?
  5. Sibling rivalry: the pros and cons
  6. The changing role of husbands and wives in the 21st century
  7. Are middle children really at a disadvantage?


  1. How can people improve their EQ?
  2. How do eating disorders begin?
  3. How helpful is the intermittent diet?
  4. Is the lack of sleep affecting teens’ grades today?
  5. Are children today obese because of cafeteria food?
  6. Are genetically-modified food items really that bad?
  7. Why are more and more people turning to alternative medicine?


  1. Engineering feats of the ancient world
  2. The importance of the spice trade
  3. The special role of animals in ancient times
  4. The abuses of the Inquisition
  5. The main difficulties that explorers faced
  6. The end of the slave trade
  7. How did the “flatness” of the world affect explorers?


  1. How do people feel about breastfeeding in public?
  2. Why gangs are rarely a problem in small towns
  3. The plight of illegal immigrants in the US
  4. The effects of cartels on the underground economy
  5. Why are counterfeit items still being sold in the open?
  6. Are beauty pageants helping or diminishing society’s view of women?
  7. How are the views about beauty changing in the 21st century?

Work and business

  1. Are high grades a guarantee for business success?
  2. The top factors that human resource managers look for
  3. How the smartphone has influenced marketing today
  4. The changing views of adults about online work
  5. The world of sports agents: Are they hurting the sports industry or helping?
  6. Are single dads receiving the same work benefits as single moms?
  7. How can mom-and-pop stores succeed against well-established businesses?


The first step to a successful research paper is in choosing your topic. We hope the tips and topics above are of great help to you. Happy writing!

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