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How to Write a Research Paper Outline in Simple Steps

When you are through with the business of getting the appropriate topic that you have a flair for and which is in your discipline; you are now ready to go into the business of writing an outline before starting the business of writing your paper.

Getting your outline ready will serve the purpose of giving you the soft landing that you are required to have the basis to complete your work on time without waste of your valuable time. The following steps can be taken to achieve an effective way to write your research paper outline.


This is the part where you are expected to get the attention of your readers. It is expected that you give a commanding performance in the introduction that will compel your readers to hunger for more. You are not expected to give all in the introduction, but the teaser should be strong and very powerful.

Here are the components of a brilliant introduction:

  • Hook: This should be powerful enough to arrest the attention of your readers. The length of the hook line depends on the size of your paper. The hook sentence might take up to about five sentences. The words should be carefully selected to drive home the point.
  • Your audience: It is expected that you define your target audience in your introduction. You have to explain to them the reason why they are your readers.
  • Thesis statement: You have to be clear about what you want to achieve. This should be clearly stated in your thesis statement. It will form the fulcrum on which you are going to base your point of argument. 

The above elements represent what is to be included in the introduction to your paper. We now think about the outline for the body of the paper.


The body is the largest part of your research paper. Here, you have to include everything you have in your research findings. The length of the body of your research work will be determined by the overall size of the paper. All that you are going to include in the body must follow a particular format.

In writing an effective body to your essay; the thesis statement will form the basis of your write-up. You have to be at your creative best here to give the very best that will give you the expected higher grades at the end of the day.


This is the concluding part of your paper. It is expected that you include a summary of what you have written earlier. Your thoughts should not be included here. Everything to be written here should be drawn from your research arguments stated earlier. You need to include a call to action. This will state the reason why your paper is important and the purposes it is meant to serve.

Final Thoughts

The outline for the template of the research paper that will give you the edge over your colleagues is given above. What we have above gives you the total cover needed to excel.

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