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Simple Tips on How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper

Just like the introduction, the conclusion of a research paper plays a very role in making your work worthwhile. A great conclusion wraps up the entire paper, summarizing the major points, and linking the introduction to the rest of the paper. If you lose your readers at the conclusion, it will be almost as bad as losing them right at the beginning. Knowing how to write a compelling conclusion is therefore important for you if you care about quality papers. Remember to note the difference between different writing styles so that you do not hit a miss. Below are some tips by experienced professionals from mypaperwriter.com on how to write a great research or term paper conclusion:

  • Bring back the thesis statement

The thesis statement is usually stated in the introductory part of the research paper. From that point, you work towards proving that statement by way of research and all else that is involved. At conclusion, it is important to restate your thesis just to remind the reader where it all started. The conclusion is supposed to bring together all the main points that make your work great and worth the reader’s time. Recalling the thesis statement will cause the reader to tie everything together.

  • Avoid Wordiness

Make your conclusion as precise and clear as possible. Focus on the main points and try hard to synchronize your whole paper in this one section. Being wordy in the conclusion could throw your reader off since you are likely to lose focus. Remember it is not how much you say but how well you say it that matters. Summarize the main idea in every paragraph ad let your work speak for itself.

  • Make an Effective Call to Action

As you conclude your paper, remember that your reader is waiting to know what you make out of all of it. Do not leave your reader with more questions than answers. Also, make it clear that you completely own up your study and would like to find solutions to the problems at hand. This means you need to make a strong call-to-action. Motivate your reader to get further into the study, find more information, and at least work towards solving the unsolved problems.

  • Avoid trivial phrases

A good conclusion should speak for itself without being announced. That means you should avoid using some trivial phrases like, ‘in conclusion’ at the beginning of your conclusion. Make this final paragraph so good that the reader will automatically identify it as the conclusion. This increases the strength of your paper and this being the last main paragraph, it leaves the reader with a good impression.

Final Remarks

Assuming that the reader will overlook a weak conclusion just because the rest of the work was great is a mistake you should not make. The end of a paper means a lot to the reader. They would like to know what you make out of all the research regarding the main problem and what is expected of them. Follow the points discussed here to make your conclusion count.


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